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AeroSarayaku supporting Kawsari

The Kawsari (Meeting of Knowledge of the Original Peoples for Kawsak Sacha) was an event organized by the Kichwa Original People of Sarayaku in order to approach the realities of the original peoples who defend their territory from extractivist threats and advances state infrastructure (roads, hydroelectric, etc.).

During this meeting, the Proper Law was also launched for the exercise of the right to prior, free and informed consent in the territory of the Kichwa Original People of Sarayaku and the Global Agreement of Sarayaku dand the original peoples for the Kawsak Sacha – Living Jungle, Being Alive, Conscious and subject to rights. 

Aero Sarayaku, fulfilling its mission of supporting the activities organized by the Sarayaku Government Council, served during the days before the event and after the transfer of supplies and materials, as well as the guests to participate in this meeting that coincided with the Commemoration of the X anniversary of the Judgment by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the IV anniversary of the public declaration to the territory of Sarayaku Kawsak Sacha.

Aero Sarayaku maintains its conviction of being a tool for the defense and strengthening of the Kawsak Sacha proposal.